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CMB Group 67 receives I-924 approval!October 18, 2018

CMB Infrastructure Investment Group 67 received its I-924 approval from USCIS this week. The Group 67 partnership is providing $40.5 million to fund a portion of the construction of a new Great Wolf Lodge resort and water park in the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.

There are two key aspects to this approval that are worthy of note. First, the approval was received in under seven months of when the I-924 was filed. Second, and more worthy of note, CMB Group 67 is still accepting investors. For those of you that have followed past CMB EB-5 offerings, as well as the current processing times of the USCIS, you will recognize how rare it is for CMB to have a current offering with available units that has an I-924 approval. The quick turnaround at the USCIS has created this opportunity where prospective EB-5 investors can conduct their own due diligence on a CMB EB-5 partnership that has already undergone review and approval by the USCIS.

Group 67 is the third CMB EB-5 partnership to provide funding to a Great Wolf Lodge water park and resort project.

  • CMB Export Infrastructure Investment Group XVI provided $116 million to fund a portion of the construction of a Great Wolf Lodge resort in Garden Grove, CA.

  • CMB Southeast Infrastructure Investment Group 51 provided $72 million to fund a portion of the construction of a Great Wolf Lodge resort in LaGrange, GA.

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