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Happy Customer Service Week!October 3, 2018

Happy Customer Service Week, October 1-5th, from CMB Regional Centers!

In 1992 the U.S. Congress proclaimed the first full week of October as “National Customer Service Week” a nationally recognized event. On behalf of the staff at CMB Regional Centers we would like to wish all of our clients a GREAT WEEK and to thank them for the opportunity to serve them during their immigration pursuits and for their recommendations of CMB Regional Centers to their family and friends.

Here are a few messages from our clients that we will be featuring all week:

“I would like to thank CMB for your relentless efforts in getting us through the process and in particular Moussa who has been efficient, diligent and patient with us.” V.T., France

“I was talking with my wife yesterday and praising you. As feedback, I have to recognize that you were relentless looking to close the deal (coupled with the good CMB exit strategy it determined my decision to choose CMB), but also delivered a great "post sale" service.” J.C., Argentina

“When I selected a fund for my investment in EB-5, I did an in-depth research and interviewed more than 20 funds. I selected CMB for two reasons: its exceptional reputation in this field and the quickest (and document proven) terms for the investment repayment. My cooperation with CMB has been continuing for two years already. I am very happy with the way they organized their work, the quality of information provided and the high professionalism of CMB staff. My process of obtaining the Green Card was smooth and without delay, in many aspects owing to CMB’s experience and effective performance. On a separate note, I would like to thank my personal manager Vitaly Modlo for assistance and support that he provides during the process of our cooperation, including his assistance with the immigration attorney, as I am very happy with this attorney as well. I greatly recommend all potential investors to choose CMB for EB-5 investments.” A.R., Russia
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